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How to keep your school secure this winter

One in four sites could face a security incident this December, says Farsight Security Services

Posted by Stephanie Broad | December 01, 2015 | Security & safety

A vacant site over the festive season could be a target for intruders if schools fail to introduce the correct measures. 

Statistics highlight nearly one in four (24&) of the sites monitored by the remote monitoring station experienced an incident in December 2014. 

Malcolm O’Shea Barnes, senior operations manager at Farsight, says: “These statistics show that in the December there is a real risk that sites could experience a security breach – whether that’s disruption to CCTV cameras, an intruder witnessed or evidence of a break-in.

“It’s common knowledge that many schools, colleges and universities are largely vacant during the Christmas holidays. Empty premises are the perfect target for opportune intruders.” 

The Farsight control room

In light of this, the security services are issuing their advice for businesses and facilities managers on how they can ensure their security systems are up to scratch for the Christmas period:

  • Take weather into consideration: check that your security lighting is working and provides a clear image via CCTV cameras. Also consider if the weather could cause environmental damage, which may obstruct security cameras or damage fences, gates and railings.
  • Keep perimeters secure: don’t leave skips, boxes or vehicles near your perimeter, as these can help intruders jump down into your site.
  • Have a process in place for locking up: don’t leave one person to lock up for the holidays. At this time of year it’s vital that you lock up every possible entry point. Check windows, doors, fire escapes and outbuildings such as warehouses, garages and secure car parks. 
  • Update your security services on Christmas working hours: inform your security services of changes to working hours at your premises over December and January: if you’re closing completely; only working occasional hours; expecting just a couple of personnel to be on site or even if you’re expecting deliveries.
  • If your remote monitoring station knows these details they can act decisively if they identify an individual on your site.
  • Check your key holder information: inform the relevant parties if any of your key holders are away for the holidays. Replace these keyholders with someone else who will be nearby and available to attend the site in an emergency. 
  • Update your security system’s clock: check your security system to see if your lighting is timed separately from your cameras. If so make sure they are in sync and have both been updated to account for the longer nights and for the clocks going back. Also check the time on your CCTV cameras as an incorrect time could make footage unusable as evidence.    

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