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The great asbestos threat

National organisation releases infographic for parents, revealing the dangers facing school age children from asbestos

Posted by Hannah Oakman | May 14, 2015 | Security & safety

A national helpline has released alarming statistics which highlight the potential threat to children, following exposure to asbestos in UK schools.

The latest information released as an infographic by Asbestos Advice Helpline, hopes to raise parent's awareness of the dangers surrounding asbestos fibres present in old schools.

To help increase understanding and awareness, the organisation has recently published an engaging infographic specifically for parents, which presents the dangers and concerns in a clear and understandable format. The new information highlights not only the dangers of asbestos existing in a surprising number schools across the country, but also has more detailed guidance on the harmful long term impacts.

The organisation have recently reported that almost 90% of schools in the UK contain asbestos material which, when disturbed will release harmful fibres into the breathable atmosphere. The current government policy is to 'manage rather than remove', causing great concern to parents of children who could be exposed to asbestos on a daily basis.

Classroom activities such as pinning work to a wall and slamming doors could realise thousands of asbestos fibres into the air which, when inhaled, may contribute or lead to the development of asbestos related diseases such as Asbestosis and Mesothelioma.

Asbestos Advice Helpline's Nicola Choa commented "Asbestos was used in school construction, including lagging, ceiling panels, partition walls and sprayed coatings. Much of this asbestos is badly maintained and poses a threat to both pupils and staff alike."

Choa continued "Asbestos exposure can lead to related respiratory diseases and it's something we all need to take more seriously. We're hoping that the new infographic will grab the attention of parents and educate them about the risks much better than pages of text will."

Respiratory asbestos related diseases can be difficult to diagnose given that many of the symptoms are shared with less serious conditions such as asthma and pneumonia, however Asbestos Advice Helpline hopes to raise awareness of the dangers posed to students and staff who are exposed to asbestos.

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