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Tough love for walls, doors and corners

Altro has expanded its range of wall cladding with new Altro Fortis, providing tough protection for walls, doors and corners

Posted by Stephanie Broad | June 04, 2015 | Supplier News

Altro Fortis keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage, to look good for longer.  It has been developed to work with the popular Altro Whiterock™ range to create aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas. Where Altro Whiterock offers an ultra-hygienic wall protection system, Altro Fortis offers enhanced protection for areas where scuff and impact protection is the priority. Altro Fortis also combines perfectly with Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring ranges, providing a complete, durable and fully-integrated system for hard-working areas.

As the name suggests, Altro Fortis has the strength to deliver long-term protection where high levels of impact are expected. It is ideal for use where walls, doors and corners are constantly knocked, such as school classrooms and corridors, non-clinical areas in healthcare, retail, and any busy public and service areas. In fact, anywhere that needs to work hard, but where appearances matter.

Whittington Health, in north London, is already using Altro Fortis wall protection in their Emergency Department (ED) ‘hot corridor’, and the system is proving robust enough to withstand the rigours of busy hospital life. 

Estates Officer Jerry Burrell, says: “The ED corridor is very busy 24/7, with beds and equipment passing through, often at speed. Over the years this has damaged the walls, which was just single-skin plasterboard, and we really needed to rethink the area and upgrade to a more suitable wall covering that would give long term protection.

“Altro Fortis was a great choice for us - it really has transformed the corridor. The product is very resistant to scrapes and bumps and doesn’t show any marks. It looks good too, so it’s more than just functional. For these high traffic, general areas, Altro Fortis is proving the ideal wall covering. 

“Cleaning is simple as well, just a wipe when it needs it, and maintenance is minimal. We are also looking at fitting it in our Clinical Decision Unit at the back of the ED.”

The new system comprises three options to offer protection exactly where it’s needed; Altro Fortis Titanium™ wall protection, Altro Fortis door protection™ and Altro Fortis corner protection™. 

Altro Fortis Titanium is a highly durable, 2.5mm, uPVC semi-rigid sheet, which is a dense and impervious material resistant to bumps. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages and deflects scuffs, keeping the area looking better for longer. The product comes in a large 3m x 1.22m sheet, which means fewer joints to seal, plus easier transitions between areas. Sheets can be cut to any size.  

Available in ten colours, including muted and vibrant shades, Altro Fortis Titanium matches many of the popular shades from the Altro Whiterock SatinsTM hygienic wall cladding range. This offers flexibility when it comes to design, making it a versatile solution across a range of areas. Bespoke colour options are also available to meet specific design requirements. 

Like the Altro hygienic wall cladding collection, Altro Fortis Titanium has an impervious, grout-free, easy-to-wipe surface. This offers superior cleanability and ease of maintenance, which is a major cost and time saving advantage.

Altro Fortis door protection is available as either complete doorsets or door panels. Doorsets are a fully-clad, custom-made solution, providing optimum protection with the product covering both sides of the door and its edges. Door panels are ideal for protecting sections of doors where they need it most, helping prevent scuff and impact damage. These can be cut to any size from the standard Altro Fortis Titanium sheet.

Altro Fortis corner protection comes ready-made. Corners can also be thermoformed from the standard sheet for bespoke solutions. 

Altro Fortis is installed the same as Altro Whiterock, which means it can be thermoformed into and around corners for a seamless installation. It can also be installed using the same adhesive as Altro Whiterock.

Choose Altro Fortis with confidence – it comes with a 20 year warranty, supported by the Altro Promise.    

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