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Warmly welcomed upgrade at James Aiton Primary School

The school installed Jaga's Oxygen ventilation system, the first Scottish school to do so, along with Maxi Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators

Posted by Julian Owen | November 11, 2017 | HVAC & lighting

James Aiton Primary School underwent a £7million re-build in 2013 as part of South Lanarkshire Council’s primary schools’ modernisation programme. This provided the opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art building bursting with energy-efficient credentials.

The council required a system which would not only heat the school but ventilate it too, providing fresh, clean air throughout the classrooms whilst maintaining comfortable temperatures.

“After several meetings with South Lanarkshire Council, they were happy to specify the Jaga Oxygen ventilation system, along with Maxi LST radiators,” said Andy Williams, Jaga’s Technical Education Consultant.

“The solution we recommended was ideal as the Maxi radiator provided a safe, robust radiator, while the Oxygen system would guarantee the precise amount of ventilation required in the room at any given time, maintaining the correct room temperature regardless of external conditions.”

The Oxygen system – built into Jaga’s Low-H2O radiators – brings in the outside air before filtering it, reducing lethargy and increasing concentration. Then, the Oxygen unit’s four mechanisms combine to create a controlled cycle of clean air, ensuring consistent circulation throughout the space, no matter what changes occur in the classroom throughout the day.

Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter and stay ahead with the latest news in education construction

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