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Block vote: the benefits of modular building

The DfE says approximately 750,000 school places will be needed in the UK by 2025. MTX Education thinks modular building could be part of the solution

Posted by Julian Owen | October 30, 2018 | Bricks & mortar

Many schools fail to opt for modular buildings because of a lack of understanding the concept and its potential benefits. Typically, the buildings are made using individual sections, or modules. These are manufactured offsite before being assembled at the school. Standard building construction materials are used.

The benefits of modular buildings in schools are:

 - Cost-effectiveness While schools have some spaces to construct new facilities, they often do not have sufficient resources. With modular classrooms, the costs of labour and procurement are less compared to erecting a traditional classroom

 - Quick solutions Modular buildings are manufactured within a short time, on demand, and following a simple procurement process. The whole process, from initial funding to finished building can be completed in a matter of months

 - Wider options Modular classrooms can either be permanent or temporary, and designed according to a client’s budget; some schools may look to blend in with local architectural styles, others may prefer bright spaces to attract the attention of the learners. Besides classrooms, these modular building can constructed as reception areas, toilets, libraries, drama studios, laboratories, and so on

 - Sustainable, accessible solutions Modular buildings meet the latest regulations surrounding sustainability, with carbon emissions and site waste significantly reduced. The buildings are also designed in such a way as to easily meet the needs of pupils with physical disabilities

 - Minimum disruptions in schools Constructing a classroom can be both disruptive and potentially hazardous for students. With modular building, the offsite construction keeps these potential problems to a minimum.

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