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Creating Scottish futures

Sidlaw View Primary School in Dundee installs new underfloor heating to reduce radiator injuries

Posted by Stephanie Broad | June 27, 2016 | HVAC & lighting

Giacomini UK has been selected as the chosen underfloor heating supplier for Sidlaw View Primary School and nursery, part of a £28.7 million redevelopment project in Scotland. 

The project is backed by Dundee City Council and the Scottish Futures Trust and sees a new three-tier shared education campus being created. The education centre in Dundee will see the opening of Sidlaw View Primary School and nursery, as well as secondary school Baldragon Academy. 

Giacomini will install 3542 m2 of underfloor heating throughout the primary school and nursery facilities. 

There are many reasons why underfloor heating systems are perfect for the education sector, one main advantage being the reduced risk of injury. Underfloor heating avoids many of the risks that are present with convectional radiators. For example, the surface temperature of convectional radiators and the associated pipework can reach 75°c. These temperatures can cause serious burns if contact is made. Thankfully, underfloor heating removes the risk of burns due to its use of lower operating temperatures. 

Underfloor heating also avoids the risk of injuries associated with the sharp edges on conventional radiators, by freeing wall space from clutter and unnecessary hazards. 

As well as minimising risk, underfloor heating can be beneficial in creating a healthy environment. The reduced air movement from a radiant system means a reduction in dust and airborne germs, so rooms are cleaner and healthier. This is important for those with asthma and other respiratory issues. By warming the floor area first, underfloor heating reduces the moisture levels within the floor making it too dry for dust mites to survive in carpets.

Matt Lowe, Giacomini UK’s managing director, commented: “Scotland is a key market for us, and over the past 12 months we’ve noticed a significant boost in the Scottish construction industry on the whole. Education services are vastly improving and this is another example of learning and teaching facilities being enhanced in Scotland. The site will play a vital role in the local community and it’s great to be part of that”.  

Over the past ten years, Giacomini UK has built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading underfloor heating suppliers. This reputation is built upon our ability to provide a unique package from manufacturing through to design and installation, via its network of approved UFH installers, including those covering Scotland.

Work began on Sidlaw View Primary School and nursery in March and is due to open in October this year. The final stage of the three-tier development, Baldragon Academy is expected to be ready for its first intake of students in early 2018.

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