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Education sector benefits from maintenance reducing products

SPONSORED: Protecting the infrastructure of educational establishments maintains an environment that supports and stimulates learning

Posted by Bob Tomblin | November 08, 2018 | Bricks & mortar

It has been proven that the aesthetic appearance of the interior of schools and colleges supports the learning process giving students a sense of belonging, fuelling their desire to learn and encouraging them to behave responsibly and respect their surroundings.

Importance of internal finishes

RIBA’s ‘Better Space for Learning’ report found that over 90% of teachers believe well-built and designed schools improve educational outcomes and pupil behaviour meaning, internal finishes are perhaps more important than anyone first thought on providing an environment which generates positive learning outcomes.

Sarah Barsby, Marketing Director at Intastop explains how walls, doors and building users can be protected with ease and why investing in appropriate products can improve building appearance, lower monthly and annual maintenance costs and support educational needs.

Are your interiors up to scratch?

Never before has such an emphasis been placed on ensuring the interiors of our schools and colleges comes up to scratch. With clean, well maintained environments proven to have a positive impact on learning, wellbeing and positivity of students and staff, a place that supports the education process through well designed and well-kept interiors is of prime consideration. And, whilst primary schools would be perceived to receive the most repetitive and residual damage it is more prevalent in the secondary school and college sector where unsightly scuffs from bags and increased general wear and tear from the constant movement of staff and pupils around the building occurs. It is, therefore this market particularly where wall and door protection can be a worthy investment.

Balancing budgets and buildings

Balancing the needs of student, staff and maintenance teams, and their budgets is often an element that is overlooked during both new build construction projects and interior refurbishment programmes. Often thought of as a costly and time heavy procedure it is, in reality, neither. By installing preventative products such as wall and door protection, corner guards and robust hinges, initial investment costs are soon recovered as ongoing maintenance and repairs are minimised, and indeed, virtually eliminated.

How building protection products can work for you

Clearly, investing in door and wall protection can pay dividends, reducing annual maintenance bills and maintaining the appearance of interior schemes. Designed to withstand everyday knocks, bumps and scuffs that routinely occur in schools and colleges impact protection sheet is easily fitted to doors, walls and cupboards to offer a high level of protection, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Easy to fit and with an ability to be made to specific sizes the benefits are measurable. It is available in a range of colours to stimulate learning or co-ordinate with existing schemes, and with an option to digitally print graphics and logos, can suit any interior design requirements.

Proven track record

Melior Community Academy in Scunthorpe for 11 to 16 year olds was one secondary school who was experiencing problems in keeping up with the maintenance required on its walls.  The frequency of re-painting was a concern for the site maintenance team in both time and cost so the Academy searched for a viable alternative.

Dave Newton, site manager of the Academy said: “The time spent re-painting the corridors and walls within each of the four blocks was becoming a concern.  Yet we could not leave unsightly marks or even damage unattended to. We opted for a sheet protection product and searched for reputable manufacturers.  We chose Intastop because of the quality of their product and their range of colours to choose from.”

Added protection

In addition to wall and door protection; hand rails, door edge guards, corner guards and safety hinges all complement the impact that protection sheet to walls and doors has on the building.

Dave Newton also commented: “We went with the grey wall protection as it perfectly complemented all the colour schemes we have within the school.  We also opted for matching corners which we split into two categories, heavy traffic zones whereby the heavy duty option was chosen and a more standard spec for the lighter traffic areas, both of which perfectly matched the wall protection colour which ensures we have consistent clean lines that adhere to the original aesthetics.”

Further to the aesthetic appearance and the practical benefits of such products safety is clearly of paramount importance. To that end it is important to ensure products have the appropriate fire safety credentials. Such products from Intastop are Class ‘O’ Fire Rated and are tested to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 giving specifiers, installers and end users complete peace of mind. Enhancing its infinitely practical appeal, the sheet edges can be chamfered to order and a pre-taped option is also available.

Experience and support

The team at Intastop understands the importance of quality protection through their extensive experience in supporting the education sector at both new build stage and in refurbishment and maintenance programmes.  It is on hand to provide a full service from imparting knowledge at design stage through to providing installation of product, to ensure your building is protected and also protects those that study, work and visit there.

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