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Funding sustainables in education

A short guide to financing energy conservation measures in schools and colleges

Posted by Ed Brown | March 09, 2017 | Sustainability

UK Energy Partners have produced a simple white paper for financing Energy Conservation Measures in schools and colleges.

Financing energy solutions is often seen as a quagmire, an alphabet soup of acronyms which only exist to confuse rather than educate.

As a result, UK Energy Partners have sought to cut through those three letter acronyms and provide you with a fresh approach to financing Energy Conservation Measures. They map out the routes, choices and paths you have in front of you, and describe different financing methods.

Financing energy conservation measures can be as simple as you decide to make it – their easily digestible white paper provides insight on the following 5 financing methods:

Revolving Green Funds

Bank Financing


Internal and Public Sector Financing

Crowd Funding

This white paper will provide you with an informed and unbiased guide that summarises your existing options available to you right now, showing that achieving funding success is a matter of understanding the opportunity, making the commitment, collaboratively tapping into the financing available, and supporting the decision makers to secure the finance option that’s right for you.

Request the white paper here >>


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