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Funding the future

Rubb Buildings discuss lowering the costs of bringing sports facilities to schools

Posted by Stephanie Broad | November 04, 2015 | Supplier News

Sports and exercise present a number of benefits to participants. From improvements in physical health and fitness to socio-economic gains, there are so many good reasons for getting children involved in sport.

On top of this, the World Health Organisation considers childhood obesity to be one of the most serious global health challenges of the 21st century. This issue is further highlighted by the fact that Health Survey for England carried out a survey in 2012 and found that around 28% of children between two and 15 years old were classed as overweight or obese.

As obese children are at a high risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and many other health issues, developing early habits of daily exercise and generating interest in sport as soon as possible in a child’s life is crucial.

There is a growing number of concern groups which are campaigning to raise awareness and possibly improve this issue — the Start Active, Stay Active initiative, for example. However, there is an argument that educational institutions should do more in encouraging children across Britain to take up sports and become active.

The unfortunate reality is that schools often do not receive enough funding to provide appropriate facilities in order to accommodate sports.

Outside sports facilities is a potential solution, for instance, but the weather does not always allow participation to be allowed to take place. Even when an activity can go on despite the conditions, children could have a lack of motivation and encouragement to continue with a sport if they regularly have to play it in freezing temperatures and heavy rain.

Fabric solutions

Fortunately, 21st century innovation has led us to the development and improvement of many structures; sports facilities being one of them. Fabric structures, such as those manufactured by Rubb Buildings, are a cheaper alternative to high maintenance buildings when schools are exploring the need for a new sports facility, for example.

Fabric structures do not require as much building material as high maintenance facilities, for one, instantly making them considerably cheap to build. Moreover, these structures benefit from being based on engineered metal carcases, which are covered with high strength PVDF polyester membranes.

These lightweight structures are considerably easy and cheap to maintain too, as well as having the option to be designed so that they can be adapted for many different types of sports with ease.

With ease of use, low cost and low maintenance requirements all covered then, fabric structures are certainly an option that those in charge of a school’s funding should consider when it comes time to make a new sports facility.    

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