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High-efficiency heating

Ideal commercial boilers make the grade at the University of London

Posted by Stephanie Broad | June 25, 2015 | Facilities management

Ideal Commercial Boilers has supplied a total of eight floor standing condensing boilers to the University of London as part of the University’s ongoing environmental initiative to reduce carbon emissions and minimise running costs through refurbishment. Floor standing boilers have been installed in three student accommodation buildings and are now delivering reliable, high efficiency heating.

Two Evomod 1,000kW floor standing modular boilers were installed at International Hall, in the Bloomsbury district, and four Imax Xtra 460kW at Lillian Penson Hall, situated near Paddington station. Most recently, another two Evomod 1,000kW boilers were installed at Connaught Hall in Bloomsbury.

The boilers were specified by contracting firm McDonald Brown, who worked on the project with Duncan Clough, Senior Project Manager at the University of London. McDonald Brown’s Director, Bill Bones, explained: “We have specified Ideal Commercial boilers for a number of projects and have found them to be straightforward to install, extremely reliable and highly efficient' 

International Hall is the largest single Hall belonging to the University of London and offers a total of 997 student rooms. The boiler room is located in the basement and, with the access points into the building being limited in size, the replacement boilers needed to be compact whilst still delivering the high outputs required.

Access issues were even more challenging at Connaught Hall, as the boiler room is located in a courtyard surrounded by buildings. If the team at McDonald Brown had been unable to find a suitable boiler that could fit through the existing doorways, Bill and the team would have needed to hire a large crane to lift the appliances over the building, involving time and financial costs such as a six week notice to shut off the adjacent road. 

Bill Bones affirmed: “Once again, the compact Evomod boilers were perfect for our requirements. Due to their modular design, once in position they simply need to be bolted together with a pre-fabricated manifold before being attached to the pipework, so installation is always quick and easy. Commissioning at Connaught Hall was completed within two days.” 

Lillian Penson Hall, which offers 330 student rooms, also had some complex requirements as the previous heating system incorporated oil-fired boilers. Duncan Clough, Senior Project Manager at the University of London, explained: “Alongside McDonald Brown, we designed a new plant room to accommodate the compact Imax Xtra boilers, and then reused one of the original boiler spaces as a distribution point. This made the most economical use of the space we had.”

Since the installation of the boilers, energy savings at each student hall have been recorded, with impressive results. Duncan affirms: “We are delighted with the energy savings that have been recorded since the installation of these boilers. At Lillian Penson Hall, the Imax Xtra boilers have reduced running costs by a third compared with the previous oil-fired boiler and, importantly for the University’s environmental objectives, we have calculated that carbon emissions from heating have reduced from 753 tonnes CO2e per year to 277 tonnes CO2e per year. Fuel usage at International Hall has also significantly reduced, with savings of over 15%, and running costs are already noticeably lower at Connaught Hall. As well as delivering impressive cost and carbon savings, the boilers have been running trouble-free since they were commissioned, keeping our students warm and comfortable.”    

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