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A lecture room at Bay Campus

Knauf AMF provide Class A sound solutions for Swansea

Swansea University's Bay Campus benefits from sound-absorbent ceilings from Knauf

Posted by Stephanie Broad | December 02, 2015 | Interiors

“Bay Campus is among one of the most ambitious projects in the UK higher education sector,” announced University Vice-chancellor at the opening of a new £450m campus which has transformed Swansea into a dual campus university. Knauf AMF Ceilings played their part in this pioneering development by providing ceilings with the highest standard of acoustic control to help enable the university to offer world-class learning, teaching and research facilities.

Ceiling contractor B.C.D.L. Ltd were appointed to install the ceilings. Quantity Surveyor, Colin Toshack explained why Knauf AMF was chosen for the project: “The campus is a modern building and Knauf AMF’s products met the demanding requirements for sound absorption and were the most competitively priced. Knauf AMF’s ceilings systems are simple to fit, helping complete the 17,000m² installation on time.”

The large library and resource centre has designated spaces for quiet study and tutorials. Acoustic comfort was a key consideration here and Thermatex Antaris A ceilings were fitted to reduce the amount of intrusive background noise. The tiles offer outstanding Class A sound absorption to help maintain a comfortable level of ambient sound, enabling students to concentrate.

The Bay Campus library

The aesthetics of the ceiling tiles were important to the interior design of the library. Antaris tiles have a bright white surface, creating a pristine, unobtrusive finish and helping the architect realise their vision for a clean, minimalist look.  

Sound control continues in the lecture theatre, where the ceiling performs two different acoustic functions. The area above the lecturer’s platform is fitted with Fine Stratos micro-perforated tiles which offers Class C sound Absorbance to reduce reverberation, and to improve speech intelligibility around the room. Fine Stratos Non-perforated tiles are installed in the remaining area, which offer a lower level of absorbency to help reflect sound, ensuring students at the back of the room can hear what is being said.

The Great Hall, located at the centre of Bay Campus, was designed for human voice presentations, acoustic and electronic music concerts and other large events. Thermatex Alpha ceiling tiles have a high sound absorbency and were installed in the adjacent service corridors to prevent sound passing through the walls into the auditorium, helping to create a comfortable acoustic environment for the audience to enjoy.

Antaris A was also fitted in the stairwells and other circulation areas around the campus to provide excellent sound insulation.

Aquatec was chosen for the campus washrooms. Thanks to Aquatec’s high moisture resistance of up to 100% RH, the tiles can withstand high humidity conditions and regular cleaning without sagging or warping, making them ideal for areas with strict hygiene requirements including kitchens, changing rooms and swimming pools. Aquatec offers superior sound absorbency.  

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