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New furniture range is 'Helping Build Bright Futures'

Functional, flexible, and fun 'Imagine' range has been developed with schools and local authorities

Posted by Hannah Vickers | May 27, 2017 | Interiors

Interior solutions specialist Havelock has launched its new range of furniture for nursery and primary schools. 

The new range – entitled Imagine – has been designed and manufactured by Havelock in Kirkcaldy, Fife, under the company’s well-established education furniture brand, ESA, which is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of quality classroom equipment. 

The Imagine range, which has the strapline ‘Helping Build Bright Futures’, has been developed in consultation with schools and local authorities to create highly engineered modular furniture which is functional, flexible, and fun for its young users. 

Imagine is the latest range of education furniture to be developed by Havelock. The company created a new product development team last year when Havelock’s chief executive David Ritchie recognised the need to invest in the company’s own product offering to ensure a much higher level of design innovation in each of its three principal markets – Public Sector, Retail & Lifestyle and Corporate Services.

Imagine is a comprehensive range of desks, chairs, storage units and furniture for classrooms and other learning areas such as libraries, which encourages creative and artistic expression and is designed to provide multiple areas for structured learning and imaginative play. A report commissioned by the University of Salford in 2015 highlighted the importance of the physical characteristics of classrooms and their impact on pupils’ learning progress. The findings showed that stimulation for learning should be “neither chaotic, nor boring” and this was a key consideration in the design of the Imagine range.  

Individualisation is thought to be key to aiding pupils’ learning, and this has been incorporated into the range, with coloured trays for personal equipment, and racks for coats and wellies. An extensive colour pallet has been adopted, which includes a mixture of white and natural wood finishes complemented by accent colours.

Flexibility is a key feature of our Imagine range, particularly for the nursery furniture - Paul Doleman, Product Development Director

Paul Doleman, Product Development Director said: “Flexibility is a key feature of our Imagine range, particularly for the nursery furniture. Many pieces are of modular construction so they can be manoeuvred and adapted to suit the size and shape of the space in which they are to be used, such as a play house or reading area. Many pieces are also designed for more than one application and much of it is mobile, which means it can fit around its users and the space it occupies. 

“We’ve had excellent feedback so far from the schools and local authorities we’ve consulted with during the design and manufacture process. We’ve also been road-testing it with local nursery and primary school children and watching them using the furniture we’ve made has been one of the most satisfying experiences for the team here.”

Testimonials from the children to have used the furniture at Havelock’s showroom include:

  • “I liked playing on the workbench making things out of wood with the teacher.”
  • “The colours were amazing.”
  • “The book pod is cool, I like how it was a hole in the wall.”
  • “I loved painting and drawing on the art easel. I liked how you could paint on one side and draw on the other.”
  • “I liked sitting on the wedge tables with my friends.”

The furniture is manufactured at Havelock’s factory in Kirkcaldy, Scotland – one of the largest in-house timber, metal and solid surfacing facilities in the UK. Standard lead times for orders are six to eight weeks.

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