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Renusol hits the roof

Renusol has unveiled a new PV mounting system designed for British pitched roofs at this year's Ecobuild

Posted by Dave Higgitt | March 19, 2015 | Supplier News

It is intended that the majority of new buildings in Britain should be carbon neutral by 2016. One way of improving a building’s carbon footprint is to install a photovoltaic system. With this in mind, mounting systems manufacturer Renusol has developed the VS+, a system for securing solar modules which has been designed specifically for British roofs and with the aim of lowering the overall cost of installation. The new product was presented for the very first time at Ecobuild.

“While the price of the components used in PV systems has fallen dramatically in recent years, installation costs have remained relatively constant. This is why mounting times are playing an even greater role in overall system costs than ever before,” explains Stefan Liedtke, managing director of Renusol. “This scenario led us to join forces with roofers to develop a new mounting system for British pitched roofs that uses fewer roof hooks. In addition to cutting material costs, this considerably reduces the time taken to install the solar array.”

The new mounting solution comprises a stable rail and VS+ roof hooks. Produced from steel that has been hot-dip galvanised, the roof hooks feature an improved load-bearing capacity. This means that the VS+ series requires fewer roof hooks to mount solar installations than previous systems using Renusol’s stainless steel roof hooks. This also simplifies the mounting process and saves the installer more time.

The new roof hook is available in three different models. The UK roof hook flexible can be used with the majority of pitched roofs and types of tile found in Britain, making it easier to plan PV projects. The UK roof hook plain has been designed for use with plain tiles and natural slates, while the UK roof hook pantile is intended for use with single and double Roman tiles, as well as modern interlocking tiles.

“We’ve designed our new roof hooks with British roofs in mind. The hooks provide a simple way of mounting rooftop solar systems quickly and securely. Our ultimate aim was to minimise the number of installation steps taken on the roof and with VS+ we’ve achieved just that,” says Marko Balen, head of product management at Renusol.

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