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James Porter from Remeha

School's out for summer

James Porter from Remeha says summer holidays are the perfect time to carry out heating refurbishments ahead of the autumn term

Posted by Stephanie Broad | July 13, 2016 | HVAC & lighting

The school summer holidays are the busiest time of year for school estates managers. With no students or staff to disturb, they can get on with all the upgrades and improvements required to make the school run more efficiently and cost-effectively. According to the Carbon Trust, there is certainly plenty of scope to improve the energy efficiency of school buildings. It estimates that UK schools alone could cut energy costs by around £44 million a year, reducing carbon emissions by 625,000 tonnes. And with heating responsible for on average 58% of the total energy used in school buildings, it’s a prime starting place for efficiency measures.

Quick win

Fortunately the solution doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. For the many schools that rely on commercial boiler plant, simply upgrading inefficient boilers to high-efficiency condensing boilers could transform the energy performance of their building. Just consider: by replacing any 10 to 15-year-old atmospheric boilers operating at just 50% efficiency with condensing boilers offering around 98% efficiency, a school could halve heating bills and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint. It doesn’t take a genius to do the maths. 

Keeping it simple

Of course the downside of carrying out heating upgrades during the summer holidays is that there are just six weeks to complete the work – and running over is simply not an option. With so many schools needing to refurbish their heating, it can therefore be a challenge for contractors and council maintenance teams to complete all the work within such a tight schedule. So which equipment to choose? Possibly the most effective solution of all is to install multiple boilers in sequence on cascade or rig systems.

Quinta Pro 115 condensing boilers at Sandbach School


Efficient and reliable operation

Cascade and rig systems tick all boxes, offering quick and easy installation and high performance heating. One of the many advantages of operating multiple boilers in cascade configuration is that it improves the overall efficiency of the heating provision. By sharing the load between the boilers, they can match the heat demand more accurately, reducing energy waste. And as condensing boilers operate more efficiently at part load, this increases the energy and carbon savings still further. It also improves the reliability of the heating service as, even if a boiler should fail, there is no interruption to service. Similarly, the cascade operation simplifies maintenance work and lengthens the useful life of the boilers.

Space and time savings

Awkward-shaped or constricted plant rooms can present complications when it comes to boiler upgrades. This is where complete cascade or rig systems provide a simple, time-saving solution, thanks to their small footprint. With their small dimensions, they can meet the heat demand in a fraction of the area occupied by the previous boilers, often freeing up valuable space in the process.

Look for complete cascade systems with smart gas and water connection technology as this will help speed up installation, reducing labour costs and minimising disruption. Well-designed cascade systems also offer a number of design installation options that can accommodate any space restrictions in a neat, efficient solution.

Go bespoke

Where the refurbishment schedule is particularly tight, consider installing the high-efficiency boilers on a bespoke rig system service. The rigs are designed and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of each individual project, so installation is ultra-fast. The boilers arrive on-site in a pre-fabricated, factory-finished unit, ready to be wheeled into position for easy connection to the existing system. For busy contractors carrying out multiple heating upgrades in schools throughout the summer holidays, this is the ultimate solution to rapid refurbishment.

Cascade and rig systems are a proven solution to faster, easier and more affordable heating refurbishments, saving time, labour and hassle. For improved heating performance, immediate reductions in energy and carbon emissions and the promise of future savings, schools need look no further. These ‘quick win´ systems are proof that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

James Porter is Sales Director at Remeha

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